Law on Criminal Execution (with the Current Amendments)


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Law on Criminal Execution: Outline

It is possible to execute the penalties to the convicts, found under General and Special Provisions of the Criminal Law by the means of Criminal Procedure Law. The Criminal Procedure Law regulates the process from the beginning of the threat of punishment to the final judgment of the court. The execution of the conviction decision given by the Criminal Court after the prosecution, in other words the execution of the judgment, is in the scope of the Law on Criminal Execution.

The Term: Execution

Criminal Execution Law is a branch of law that includes not only the finalization of the sentence and the sanctions applied, but also the measures aimed at protecting the procedure itself, such as detention during the trial.

Execution can be defined literally as the execution, application and enforcement of a judgment or a ruling. The basic principle in execution is to bring the convicts together with the punishment without leaving the principles of the taming, deterrence and rehabilitation of the sentences.

After the amendments made in 2005 to the Turkish Penal Code, considerably important amendments were made in the execution regime of the sentences with the Statutory Decree No. 671. In this context, considerable progress has been made in favour of convicts and detainees in the regulation on release on probation and probation measures.

As part of these developments, to sum up, political crimes and constitutional crimes have been excluded. In terms of crimes committed before July 1, 2016, it is thinkable to say that there are significant amendments in the ground of the execution regime.

In-Office and Attorneyship-Client Training Presentation

In our law office, in the field of Criminal Law, intensive studies are being carried out for practical and theoretical purposes. As a result of significant developments in the execution regime, practical studies were carried out for our attorneys and clients in order to renew the information and access to the basic information about the execution law.

During our work with our team, in addition to Criminal Execution Law, Criminal Procedure Law institutions and security measures such as detention were taken into consideration. With these efforts, it is aimed to provide more comprehensive services to our clients in the field of Criminal Law.

Within the scope of our regular in-office and attorneyship-client trainings, a comprehensive presentation was made on criminal execution law. You can access the in-office training presentation prepared and presented by Adar UÇAR, one of our apprentice attorneys, via the file that you can download from the link below.

Detailed information about the Law on Criminal Execution (with the Current Amendments) and the presentation documents can be accessed from the link below*:

Law on Criminal Execution (with the Current Amendments) Presentation Material

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