Personal Data Protection Law


Uçar Law & Consultancy Office

Uçar Law & Consultancy Office

As Uçar Law & Consultancy Office, we conduct researches and perform studies to restore and update existing information on changing and developing areas of law. A detailed in-office presentation has been prepared by Apprentice Attorney Cemre Şahin about the Personal Data Protection Law, which is an area associated with various fundamental human rights, including the right of privacy and freedom to work and labor and existing in almost all areas of law. You can get detailed information on this subject via the file you can download from the link below.


Detailed information about the Personal Data Protection Law and the presentation documents can be accessed from the link below*:

Uçar Hukuk & Danışmanlık Bürosu – Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Hukuku – Stj. Av. Cemre Şahin


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Uçar Law & Consultancy Office


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