Real-Estate Law

We provide legal consultancy and attorneyship services in legal disputes arising from the following fields, especially from the Civil Code and from other private law legislations related to Real-Estate Law;

  • Declaratory and Annulment Lawsuits for Title Deeds
  • Prevention of Intervention Lawsuits (Actio Negatoria)
  • Annulment of Prearranged Assignments
  • Cadastral Determinations and Annulment of Cadastral Determinations
  • Prevention of Expropriation, Legal and Actual Confiscation Without Expropriation and Collection of the Worth Arising from the Expropriation Act
  • Determination of Real-Estate Types and Performance of Parceling Procedures
  • Acquisition of Property Through Acquisitive Prescription
  • Elimination of Joint Ownership
  • Construction Contracts in Return for Flat

As Uçar Law & Consultancy Office, in the light of recent amendments in the Code of Obligations, we provide legal consultancy and attorneyship services in the following subjects;

  • Lease of Immovables,
  • Eviction of Immovables,
  • Prevention of Non-Contractual Interventions,
  • Resolution of Disputes Related to Adequate Pay