Legal Memo on the Types of Alimony

Nafaka Türleri

Alimony is regulated in the Turkish Civil Code and is a monthly financial support provided by one spouse to the other or to their child, or both spouses, who are in a more difficult situation while the divorce case is ongoing or as a result of the divorce case. It is obligatory to pay alimony […]

Recognisance of Eviction Under Lease Law

Tahliye Taahhütnamesi Görsel

In order to comprehend the legal nature of the eviction undertaking, firstly, it is necessary to address the scope and limits of the law. In our Code of Obligations (“CoO”), the termination of the contract in residential and roofed workplace leases is regulated under two main headings. These are; termination by notification and termination by […]

Legal Memorandum on the SEC’s Investigation on Binance

Introduction The purpose of this memorandum is to inform FTX of the SEC’s Binance investigation. Binance and SEC will be introduced in this article.  Information about the investigation initiated by the SEC against Binance will be provided.   Binance Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. Apart from FTX, […]

Potential Copyright Infringements of Artificial Intelligence Regarding Text to Image and Image to Image Conversion in the Light of Artificial Intelligence’s Legal Status and Responsibility

yapay zeka telif hakkı ihlali

* Turkish English version of this article has been translated from the Turkish original by artificial intelligence. With the development of science and technology in the world, new concepts and problems are entering our lives. In this article, we will examine the copyright infringements of artificial intelligence. To understand the subject, we will first explain […]

Newsletter | November 2022

Haber Bülteni

Tuesday, November 1 1-) The decision numbered 2022/2333 M. and 2022/2538 D. of the 1st Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals has been published. At the end of the title deed cancellation and registration case between the parties, the decision of the local court regarding the acceptance of the case was examined by […]

Newsletter | October 2022

Haber Bülteni

Tuesday, October 4 1-) 2023 Minimum Wage Tariff for Mediation has been published. The fee schedule in the annex of the tariff, item by item, was created by doubling the fees of the previous year’s tariff. 2-) The decision of the Constitutional Court dated 8/9/2022 and numbered M: 2021/118, RN: 2022/98 has been published. The […]

Competition Board’s Decision on Meta Platforms dated 20.10.2022 and numbered 22-48/706-299

Rekabet Kurulu Meta Ceza

In order to inform the readers about the decision and the decision making process whic is about the administrative fine given on the grounds of distortion of competition by combining the data collected regarding the Meta Platforms dated 20/10/2022 and numbered 22-48/706-299 published on 26/10/2022 hereby, this information note has been prepared. Before the decision […]