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Tuesday, September 27

1-) Regulation on Determining the Limit of Error in Land Registry Plans

This Regulation sets out the procedures and principles regarding the definition of the margin of error. In cases where the empirical values based on the margin of error need to be changed due to their techniques, a cadastral technical commission will be established by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. Area differences within the margin of error cannot be considered an error and are to establish the presumption that the area is correct. Differences within the margin of error are also eliminated ex officio if necessary.

2-) Decision of the Constitutional Court dated 28/7/2022 and application numbered 2021/11655

      The applicant applied to the administration for compensation for the damage caused by his inability to access the property, and against the rejection decision of the Regional Administrative Court on 16/12/2020, he made an individual application to the Constitutional Court on 09/03/2021 on the grounds that his right to an effective application in connection with the right to property was violated. decided to accept it and to send it to the Administrative Court for a retrial in order to eliminate the results.


Wednesday, September 28

1-) Regulation on Design Surveillance and Control Services of Featured Buildings

The purpose of this Regulation; It is to determine the design supervision and control services of buildings that require advanced design methods and technologies, and the education conditions, professional competence, and experience of those who will perform this service, their certification and the procedures and principles for the execution of the service. It is obligatory for the building owner to receive supervision and control services from the design supervisors and submit these reports to the relevant administration. In the execution of these transactions, a special buildings technical commission is established. Those who have obtained a certificate within the scope of Article 1.3 of the Principles for the Design of Buildings Under the Impact of Earthquake in the annex of the Turkish Building Earthquake Regulation are recorded in the list in the field of expertise they have submitted without any further action.

2-) The Constitutional Court has 8 Decisions on Financial Audit of Political Parties, dated 20/7/2022.


Thursday, September 29

1-) The Constitutional Court has 8 Decisions on Financial Audit of Political Parties dated 20/7/2022.


Friday, September 30

1-) Code of Civil Procedure Advance Expenses Tariff

When filing a lawsuit, the plaintiff pays a notification fee of five times the number of parties and a total of 150 TL in advance for other works and transactions. With this communiqué, the Civil Procedure Law Expense Advance Tariff published in the Official Gazette dated 2/10/2021 and numbered 31616 has been repealed and this tariff will enter into force on 1/10/2022.

2-) Code of Civil Procedure Arbitrator Fee Schedule

The arbitrator’s fee is 5% for the sole arbitrator for the first 500.000.00 TL, 8% for three or more arbitrators, 4% for the next 500.000.00 TL for the sole arbitrator, 7% for three or more arbitrators, For the next 1,000,000.00 TL, 3% for the sole arbitrator, 6% for three or more referees, 2% for the next 3,000,000.00 TL for the sole arbitrator, 4% for the three or more referees, Subsequent For 5,000,000.00 TL, 1% for one referee, 2% for three or more referees, 0.1% for a single referee for more than 10,000,000.00 TL, 0.2% for three or more referees has been determined. The Code of Civil Procedures Arbitrator Fee Schedule published in the Official Gazette dated 2/10/2021 and numbered 31616 has been repealed and this tariff has entered into force on 01/10/2022.

3-) Code of Civil Procedure Witness Fee Schedule

The witness will be paid between 40.00 and 80.00 TL in proportion to the time lost due to testimony. This tariff will enter into force on 01/10/2022.

4-) The Constitutional Court has Decisions on Financial Audit of 5 Political Parties, dated 20/7/2022.


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