Nafaka Türleri
Legal Memo on the Types of Alimony
Alimony is regulated in the Turkish Civil Code and is a monthly financial support provided by one spouse...
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Avrupa Süper Ligi Kararı
FIFA and UEFA Rules v. EU Law: Analysis in the Context of the European Super League Decision
The decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”)  regarding the European Super...
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Tahliye Taahhütnamesi Görsel
Recognisance of Eviction Under Lease Law
In order to comprehend the legal nature of the eviction undertaking, firstly, it is necessary to address...
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Binance SEC Görsel
Legal Memorandum on the SEC's Investigation on Binance
Introduction The purpose of this memorandum is to inform FTX of the SEC’s Binance investigation. Binance...
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Legal Memorandum on the Regulations Related to the "Victims of Delayed Pension Age" Issue
With the “Law on the Amending the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 and the...
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Eser ve Eser Sahipliği
The Concept of Artistic Artifact and Ownership Under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works
Intellectual rights; is the financial and moral rights granted to the owner of the artifact on the products...
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yapay zeka telif hakkı ihlali
Haber Bülteni
Newsletter | November 2022
Tuesday, November 1 1-) The decision numbered 2022/2333 M. and 2022/2538 D. of the 1st Civil Chamber...
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Haber Bülteni
Newsletter | October 2022
Tuesday, October 4 1-) 2023 Minimum Wage Tariff for Mediation has been published. The fee schedule in...
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