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Ahmet UÇAR
Attorney at Law

Graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1990. After completing internship in Ankara Bar Association, founded Uçar Law Office and started to work as a self-employed attorney. Between the years 1991 and 2010, participated in vocational activities at Ankara Bar Association and Union of Turkish Bar Associations, and also worked in other law associations apart from the Bar. Worked as an attorney and expert in the fields of Labor and Social Security Law and Criminal Law at the beginning of his professional life and is presently engaged in various fields of law particularly in the fields of Criminal Law, Commercial Law, International Trade and Customs Law and Administrative and Tax Law.

adar uçar

Attorney at Law

Graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Law with a High Honor degree (Magna Cum Laude) and completed high school education with a full-scholarship under the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. Hold the offices of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of Bilkent University Career in Law Community. Worked on Competition Law, Blockchain Law and Energy Law. Endeavored as a columnist during the pupillage in GazeteBilkent and wrote an article on the Decision of the Competition Authority in the Sine Qua Non law magazine. Made an interview with Prof. Dr. Ejder Yılmaz about the new appeal system and finally, wrote an article on the Status of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in Turkey.

merve demir

R. Merve DEMİR
Apprentice Attorney 

Graduated from Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Law in September 2020. After she started her legal internship in Ankara Bar Association in December 2020, she started her graduate education (LL.M) at Hacettepe University on Information Technology Law in February 2021. She has participated in many activities, especially on Violence against Women and Sexual Abuse. During her Psychological Counseling training at Yeditepe University, she turned to the field of “Microexpressions” and still she continues her studies on this subject. She has been playing violin for 3 years at beginner level.

ipek koç

İpek KOÇ
Apprentice Attorney 

İpek KOÇ graduated from Bilkent University. She is interested in sociology, philosophy, psychology, feminist studies and art. She curves her point of view for law with them. With those multiple interests she wrote an article which is called Criticizing the Notion of Structural Inadequacies in the Novel Called Women Had No Name and she gave it’s presentation in English in 7th Conference on Gender Studies: Gender, Space, Place & Culture. Her article is published in abstract book of the international conference. She is also a member of ELSA (European Law Students’ Association). She prepared a history project Bilgi Publishing House. Her one of the hobies is the art of cinema. Therefore, she was active member of Bilkent Cinema Society which is a students’ club in university. She knows English -C1- and German -B1-.

rahmi furkan öztürk

Rahmi Furkan ÖZTÜRK
Apprentice Attorney 

Apprentice Attorney Rahmi Furkan ÖZTÜRK graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in July 2021 with a high honor degree. During his undergraduate education, he participated in a considerable number of activities including the studies related to Human Rights Law and Capital Market Law, received Law Clinics Certificate as a result of the education he had received for four years about Legal Ethics, Violence against Women and Human Rights Clinics, and wrote an article on discrimination-based violations of rights. He has started his legal internship in July 2021. He is an amateur baglama player, and he is interested in bodybuilding.